The world is changing around us and now more than ever we should all try to make the effort to move to a more plant based diet. Making the change to a vegetarian or vegan diet can be a little tricky in the beginning as you start to educate yourself about your new lifestyle. We here at VBC hope to help bridge that gap by providing you with delicious alternatives to your takeaway treats. We spent many happy hours cooking, transporting then eating our food to find the winners of the taste and travel tests. We stand over all our choices and thoroughly love bringing you the best vegan takeaway in town! Our menu has really grown since we opened a few short weeks ago and we continually look at introducing new exciting fare to keep you entertained! Some of you are already ordering up to three times a week so we gotta keep you interested... The winners for us so far have been the beyond meat burger and our chilli fries - what's yours?
When we started our little venture we hoped to establish a good reliable takeaway and collection service but the way things are going for us we're now looking at opening up in Dublin City Centre as a restaurant when all this madness has passed.
So back to the food... we love getting your feedback and appreciate all the great messages but in order to keep things sweet between us please let us know what does and doesn't work for you. If there's anything we can change to give you a better experience just shout - we're all ears!
Just a side note... even if you're ordering for a devout meat eater just let them try a beyond burger, we think they'll be more than pleasantly surprised!

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